wearQR is your personal digital QR that you can wear

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simple, on your first scan you get to the QR edit page, it looks like that:

on that page you choose your redirection type, for instance Instagram or linked , and the value, like your username

you can bookmark that page for later editing, but you can always get back to it by scanning you QR 3 times in a row

you can always scan your QR 3 times in a row to get to the edit page

yes. there is an option for password protection in the edit page, once you set it you’ll need to enter it every time you edit your QR

by now the wearQR system supports these applications:

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, digital business card (VCard), image upload, plain text, any other website and plain text

the wearQR products are made from high quality long durability materials, and can be scanned in IOS 11 build in camera, chrome built in QR scanner, or any other QR scanning app.